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Improvement of DNA Testing Capabilities of the Alaska Crime Laboratory, Final Report

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This report summarizes progress on a project funded by the Department of Justice Office of Justice Programs to improve the Alaska Scientific Crime Detection Laboratory to expand and improve its DNA testing capabilities.
This goal was to be accomplished during the grant period of October 1996 through September 1998 by converting from dot blot methodologies to the more highly discriminating short tandem repeat methods of analysis. The project funded the purchase of equipment, supplies, and training necessary for the State to begin implementing the newer methodology for use on casework submitted by municipal, State, and Federal agencies in Alaska. Two project objectives were completely accomplished, one was partially completed, and two were not accomplished. Problems that hampered successful completion included a delay in the project start, the resignation of one DNA analyst. The laboratory requested and received a 1-year extension for the project and expects to complete all the original objectives in the next 6 months.

Date Published: January 1, 1998