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An Improved-Efficiency Compact Lamp for the Thermal Infrared

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W. L. O'Brien, N. D. Boltin, S. A. DeJong, Z. Y. Lu, B. M. Cassidy, S. J. Hoy, S. L. Morgan, M. L. Myrick
Date Published
December 2015
3 pages
This article reports the design and properties of an infrared lamp using a heated alumina emitter suitable for active thermal infrared imaging, as well as comparisons to existing commercial light sources for this purpose.
A major type of infrared camera is sensitive to wavelengths in the 8-14 ìm band and is mainly used for thermal imaging. Such cameras can also be used for general broadband infrared reflectance imaging when provided with a suitable light source. The current study determined that the alumina lamp is a broadband non-blackbody source with a lower out-of-band emission intensity and therefore higher electrical efficiency for this application than existing commercial sources. (Publisher abstract modified)
Date Published: December 1, 2015