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History of Street Drug Use - Relationship to Diagnosis and Violent Behavior Among Admissions to a Prison Hospital

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January 1985
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History of regular street drug use before admission to a prison hospital was recorded on 214 male patients.
A total of 61.7 percent took one or more drugs, with marijuana reported as the most frequently used. Five patients had a probable drug psychosis. Schizophrenics were less likely than other patients to have abused drugs, and patients under age 25 were more likely to have done so. Patients charged with violent crimes were not more likely to have histories of drug use. Type of drug and number of drugs used before admission were not associated with the occurrence of violent acts in the hospital. There was indirect evidence of progression of drug use, beginning with marijuana and proceeding to the use of additional drugs. Those who used street drugs were more likely also to have a problem with alcohol use. (Author abstract)

Date Published: January 1, 1985