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High Volume Extraction and Purification Method for Recovering DNA from Human Bone

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June 2014
6 pages
This study assessed the DNA recovery, purity, and overall extraction efficiency of a novel silica-based column, Hi-Flow protocol in identifications from human bone, comparing its performance with that of a standard organic DNA extraction methodology.
Overall, the general Hi-Flow method (Generon Ltd.,Maidenhead, UK) recovered similar quantities of DNA as the organic method for the majority of the bones studied; however, in contrast with the organic method, the Hi-Flow protocol reduced the number of handling steps (26 total steps compared with 20 total steps, respectively); and there were two sample transfers with the Hi-Flow method compared with five for the organic extraction procedure. This reduced the risk of cross-contamination. In addition, Hi-Flow extraction required only 4 hours of hands-on time compared with the organic extraction’s 8 hours of hands-on time. Further, the Hi-Flow device enabled processing of samples in a larger volume because of an increased buffer and bone powder capacity.. This increases DNA yield compared to the organic method. The Hi-Flow protocol also allowed extraction in a single tube and reduced time and manipulation needed to perform purification; the sample size, however, was limited. Additional studies could increase understanding of the overall performance of increased amounts of bone and larger volume extraction. Another feature of the Hi-Flow method is the elimination of the use of hazardous compounds such as phenol and chloroform. Materials and methods are described. 2 tables, 1 figure, and 21 references
Date Published: June 1, 2014