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Hand-Held Metal Detectors for Use in Concealed Weapon and Contraband Detection, NIJ Standard 0602.02

NCJ Number
Date Published
November 2003
55 pages
This document details the National Institute of Justice’s standards for the use of hand-held metal detectors in searching for metal weapons and contraband.
In order to evaluate active hand-held metal detectors used as weapons detectors, this document begins by defining terms such as “active detector” and “alarm indication” in order to acquaint the reader with the various terms used in testing metal detectors. In order to fully introduce the topic of hand-held metal detectors, various descriptions of measurement units and planes as well as illustrations of hand-held metal detectors start this booklet. After presenting a thorough listing of safety specifications and requirements needed in order to accept a hand-held metal detector as a weapons detector, this booklet details various performance testing procedures. This document briefly describes field testing procedures before presenting a series of mechanical drawings of the test objects. A series of references follows a discussion of the Compliance Test Report required as a part of the official record of the compliance of testing metal detectors.

Date Published: November 1, 2003