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Guide to Test Methods, Performance Requirements, and Installation Practices for Electronic Sirens Used on Law Enforcement Vehicles: NIJ Guide 500-00

NCJ Number
Date Published
Randall Wagner
Publication Type
NIJ Guide
This is a guide to test methods, performance requirements, and installation practices for electronic sirens used on law enforcement vehicles.
There are three types of emergency vehicle sirens: electronic, mechanical, and electromechanical. The document describes briefly how each type operates. Most sirens for law enforcement vehicles are electronic; they can be installed in spaces smaller than those required for mechanical and electromechanical sirens. This guide was written for persons who select, install, or operate electronic sirens on law enforcement vehicles, or instruct those who do. It discusses the contents of several documents (listed in the guide) that specify test methods, performance requirements, and installation practices for electronic siren systems. It also discusses the basic characteristics of electronic siren systems and special features and installation options. In addition, it addresses the related issues of occupational hearing loss and exposure to siren noise. The guide is not meant to replace manuals supplied by equipment manufacturers and should not be used for such a purpose. Notes, tables, figure, appendixes
Date Created: June 21, 2003