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Guide for the Selection of Drug Detectors for Law Enforcement Applications, NIJ Guide 601-00

NCJ Number
Date Published
August 2000
64 pages
This document surveys the field of contraband drug detection, with emphasis on different types of drug detection methods and commercial sources for detection equipment.
The document includes background information on the problem of contraband drugs in the U.S., various applications of drug detection and important considerations when choosing a drug detection system. The core of the document is chapters on four major types of drug detection: trace detection technologies (mechanical “sniffers”), canine detection, bulk detection technologies (e.g., x-ray and other imaging techniques) and manual search techniques. The discussion of trace and bulk detection technologies includes general background data and definition of terms. The section on individual technology-based detection techniques includes technical discussion of how the techniques work. In addition, the document provides information on the commercial availability of the technology, cost, portability, most suitable applications and Web sites for a number of companies making both trace and bulk detection systems. Tables, figures, notes, appendixes, glossary, references

Date Published: August 1, 2000