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GPS Device Hits the Spot

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Techbeat Dated: Fall 2010 Pages: 3-3
Date Published
October 2010
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This article examines the use of GPS by a small, rural police department in Nebraska.


This article examines the use of GPS (global positioning system) technology by the Kimball County, NE, sheriff's office. The county is large in area, located in a rural, sparsely populated area of the State, and contains numerous live nuclear missile silos. To aid in communication efforts throughout the county, the sheriff's office began using the SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger. The SPOT system sends coordinates and messages via satellite to relay information to other's about the user's status. Features of the system include: real-time Internet tracking; location detection to within 10 feet; satellite tracking update every 10 minutes; a check-in Okay button for status checks; a Help button for nonemergency help requests; an SOS/911 button for critical emergencies; and automatic text and e-mail messaging to send mass HELP call that includes GPS coordinates.

Date Published: October 1, 2010