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Genebench FX™-100 - Technology Evaluation

NCJ Number
Date Published
April 2008
3 pages
Methodology and findings are presented from an evaluation of the Network Biosystems Genebench FX™-100 microfluidics chip-based system, which is used in the separation and detection of STR DNA fragments.
The instrument is a portable CE device that uses glass microfluidic chips to separate DNA fragments, allowing for mobile genetic analysis. The evaluation found that the instrument heating system is enclosed and provides consistent performance that generates precise separation from run to run; single base pair resolution close to baseline is achieved. A fast run (17 minutes) provides similar resolution as standard run (25 minutes). The instrument maintains precision from run to run regardless of instrument location/room conditions due to limited temperature variation during runs; therefore, a “ladder” from previous runs can be used to size data. Allele calls were concordant with 3130 XL data. The fast module yields concurrent results in 17 minutes. In order to improve the system, the evaluation recommends the development of translation software that allows for integration of data into the GeneMapper® ID software. It also recommends modification of Genemarker® software in order to enable stutter filters, improved color correction, minus A filters, and analysis of more samples at a time with less manual data manipulation. Other recommendations pertain to the development of plastic disposable/single-use chips, and instructions for the remote deployment of the instrument.

Date Published: April 1, 2008