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Federal Bureau of Investigation Hazardous Devices School Expands Training Program

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Techbeat Dated: 05/2016 Pages: 7-11
Date Published
May 2016
5 pages
This article from TECHBeat reports on the FBI's Hazardous Devices School's (HDS') expanded program of regional trainings for law enforcement agencies' bomb squads and their technicians.

HDS is the only national organization that trains and certifies bomb technicians in explosive ordnance disposal procedures. In order to make the logistics of accessing HDS training more amenable and less costly to local and state bomb technicians, the HDS plans to use regional mobile training teams to expand the delivery of regional training in its Advanced Electronics, Advanced Manual Techniques, Vehicle-Borne Immediate Action, Tactical Bomb Technician, Maritime Underwater Hazardous Devices Counter-Measures, and Maritime Operations for Bomb Technicians courses. This mobile-training effort is part of the transition of the HDS from joint operations management by the FBI and the U.S. Army to management solely by the FBI. Regional mobile training teams are composed of HDS certified instructors, special agent bomb technicians, and civilian bomb technicians who have completed the HDS "train-the-trainer" course. The new training structures are designed to be flexible in supporting various types of classes, including those that involve weapons of mass destruction, low-light tactical and render-safe procedures and operations, and improvised explosive device (IED) render-safe operations. The FBI will continue to maintain a close working relationship with the Army and other U.S. Department of Defense services that include integrating civilian and military instructions.

Date Published: May 1, 2016