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Expansion of DNA Services: Final Program Report

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This is the final report of a project of the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation (funded by the National Institute of Justice) to expand its DNA services.
The project goals were to upgrade existing and outdated CODIS hardware/software to meet new minimum performance standards and to conduct RFLP testing on approximately 4,000 convicted murderers on file in the Bureau's DNA database. The acquisition of CODIS equipment has been completed, and the CODIS Local Area Network has been operating since the end of March 1997. To date, all of the 3,465 specimens from convicted murderers on hand at the initiation of the grant have been profiled. The last several hundred profiles are being imaged and sized on the CODIS system at the time of this report and will be uploaded to CODIS by the end of March 1998. One of the quantitative results specified in the grant proposal was to evaluate the increased number of CODIS "hits" obtained as a result of this effort. Results to date have been even greater than anticipated, with seven case-to-offender "hits" and two case-to-case "hits." This report provides a summary of each "hit." Appended budget information associated with the completion of each of the project goals

Date Published: January 1, 1998