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Envisioning the Future of NIJ - Interview With Director Nancy Rodriguez

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July 2015
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This transcript and video cover an interview with the director of the National Institute of Justice (NIJ), Nancy Rodriguez, regarding her vision of the future of NIJ.
She states that as the director of NIJ, her goal is "to measure the impact of our research." She envisions that NIJ's research objectives and funding will be translated into criminal justice policies and practices that will have a beneficial impact on public safety. She considers it NIJ's responsibility to identify the various ways that the research it proposes and funds can be used to improve the functioning and outcomes of the criminal justice system. She expresses a particular interest in bringing together diverse perspectives and relying on the multidisciplinary talents of researchers and practitioners. She plans to rely on expertise in and collaboration with the academic community and professional associations in setting common goals and improving productive outcomes for research. She also envisions NIJ's involvement in the development of young scholars for research pertinent to improving Federal, State, and local criminal justice systems.

Date Published: July 1, 2015