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Enhanced Ergonomic Model of Repeating RAP Launcher with Tech-Data Package

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This report presents the details of the successful efforts of Vanek Prototype Co. (VPC) to redesign the ring airfoil projectile (RAP) launcher as a more commercial model.
The RAP is a 10-shot, repeating, hand-held launcher that is intended as a less-than-lethal weapon for use by police, military, and corrections personnel. Criticisms of the initial launcher, which was developed under NIJ grant 2002-IJ-CX-K015, pertained to its weight, size, and lack of ergonomic dimensional relationships similar to existing two-hand weapons in general use. It was concluded that the potential of the RAP and the repeating launcher as a commercial product could be improved by redesigning it to be smaller, more ergonomic, and lighter. The new design also changed the trigger to be of the short-draw, light-pull type; incorporated a retractable butt-stock to allow for convenient storage or to facilitate shooting in confined areas; and replaced the tubular magazine used to hold the RAP cartridges to make it more resistant to damage. The redesigned launcher was fired in demonstration 12 times. The point-of-aim was high, as indicated by a red-dot sight mounted on the launcher, but there was no time or ammunition to adjust this. As the relative point of impact was perceived, shots could be sent accurately for 50 yards to impact a man-target. The demonstration of the launcher's firing function and the RAP was deemed a success by those attending. With the grant program complete, VPC looks forward to marketing the redesigned RAP launcher made possible with this grant.

Date Published: January 1, 2007