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Electronic Crime Scene Investigation: An On-the-Scene Reference for First Responders

NCJ Number
Date Published
November 2009
50 pages

This flipbook is a reference for State and local law enforcement to prevent, investigate, and prosecute electronic crime; and identify, collect, preserve, and examine digital evidence.


This flipbook is a companion piece to Electronic Crime Scene Investigator: A Guide for First Responders, Second Edition, and is intended as a quick reference for first responders who are responsible for identifying, preserving, collecting, and securing evidence at an electronic crime scene. Content includes information on electronic device types and description of electronic devices that may be sources of potential evidence, including computer systems, storage devices, handheld devices, peripheral devices, computer networks, and sources of potential digital evidence in electronic devices; securing and evaluating the crime scene which contains digital/technology evidence, documenting the crime scene; collecting evidence; packaging and transporting digital evidence, electronic crime and digital evidence considerations by crime category; and information on documenting and assisting the forensic examination.

Date Published: November 1, 2009