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Elder Justice Roundtable: Medical Forensic Issues Concerning Abuse and Neglect, October 18, 2000

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October 2000
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This report presents the conclusions of a roundtable of multidisciplinary experts on the following topics related to elder abuse and neglect: detection and diagnosis, the application of forensic science, education and training, and research.
The roundtable, which convened on October 18, 2000, reached a general consensus that elder abuse and neglect is a national issue that has been overlooked, under-reported, and under-studied. Consequently, many cases of elder abuse and neglect are not detected, and victims do not receive adequate treatment and protection. Even when indicated, referrals to forensic experts and reports to adult protective services or law enforcement agencies are rare. The roundtable recommended increased training in the prevalence, features, detection, and response to elder abuse and neglect for those most likely to have contact with victims, such as geriatricians, police officers, social workers, and adult protection services (APS) workers. The roundtable also cited the need for research on this issue, recommending the development of a national research agenda on elder abuse and neglect. As part of this research, the roundtable recommended including a validated evaluation component in all ongoing and future programs so as to increase scientific rigor, legitimize outcomes, and stimulate further research funding. Participants envision that with increased grant dollars, research on elder abuse and neglect would become more “prestigious” and, in turn, attract more researchers and practitioners to the field.

Date Published: October 1, 2000