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Drug Use Forecasting: 1994 Annual Report on Adult and Juvenile Arrestees

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November 1995
47 pages
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This report presents data on drug use among arrestees in 1994, based on data from 20,015 adult male booked arrestees at 23 sites in major metropolitan areas across the United States, from 7,839 adult female booked arrestees at 21 sites, and from 4,558 juvenile male arrestees/detainees.
The 1994 Drug Use Forecasting (DUF) differs from previous DUF reports in that it includes urinalysis results by offense at arrest rather than only the frequency distribution of offense at arrest. The data indicated that the drug of choice among both male and female arrestees continued to be cocaine; the percentage using it was higher than for any other drug tested. For adult females and juveniles, the percentage testing positive increased from the previous hear. However, among male arrestees, the rate of cocaine use dropped slightly, although the results also indicated increased rates of marijuana use and largely unchanged rates of opiate use. The proportion of juvenile arrestees/detainees who reported attending school ranged from 65 to 90 percent, excluding graduates; these figures were similar to those for 1993. The rate of cocaine use among those not attending school was higher than for those attending school; marijuana use also tended to be slightly higher among juveniles not attending school. Figures, tables, and footnotes

Date Published: November 1, 1995