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Drug Market Analysis Project: Defining Markets and Effective Law Enforcement Practices

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January 1994
41 pages
This report discusses the Drug Market Analysis Project in terms of its development of information on the characteristics of drug markets, methods available for identifying drug markets, and the use of computer mapping techniques to identify specific markets and develop policing strategies to address them.
This project was funded by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) and has produced innovative automated information systems for identifying and assessing the locations of active drug markets. Through the project, NIJ has assisted five jurisdictions in exploring and creating innovative information delivery systems to define and understand existing drug markets. The jurisdictions are Jersey City, N.J., San Diego, Calif., Pittsburgh, Pa., Kansas City, Mo., and Hartford, Conn. Computer mapping techniques have been central to many of the project efforts. The projects use information from varied sources, including police sources, property records, census records, and community sources. Together, these projects offer researchers and practitioners in other jurisdictions the opportunity to understanding the nature of drug markets, the use of computer mapping to assess them, and feasible law enforcement strategies. Figures, tables, and 29 references

Date Published: January 1, 1994