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Drug and Alcohol Use and Related Matters Among Arrestees, 2003

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Date Published
January 2004
33 pages
This report presents data from 39 ADAM (Arrestee Drug Abuse Monitoring) sites that collected data on arrestees' drug use during 1 or more quarters in 2003.
Data on male and female arrestees are presented separately, with the data for men encompassing all 39 sites and the data for women coming from the 25 sites where 25 or more females were interviewed in 2003. Each section of the report has 14 tables organized by site location and indicating the percentage of arrestees who qualified for the listed variables. One table describes the ADAM sites by geographic location, number of booking facilities, and number of interviews conducted in each quarter. Another table provides demographic data on interviewees, followed by a table that shows the percentage of arrestees who tested positive for any drug or multiple use of one or more of the most commonly reported drugs or alcohol. Five tables provide data on drug-specific urinalysis and market acquisition. This includes the percentage of arrestees who tested positive on selected drugs, the frequency with which arrestees self-reported using selected drugs, and the intensity and mode of acquiring selected drugs during periods up to the past year. Two tables show rates of arrestee alcohol and drug use and the risk of dependence as determined by a clinically based dependence screening. Three tables present data on arrestees' drug market participation, including failed attempts to purchase drugs. The final table indicates the proportion of arrestees who reported receiving drug, alcohol, or mental health treatment the previous year.

Date Published: January 1, 2004