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Digital Imaging for Safe Schools: A Public Safety Response to Critical Incidents

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28 pages
This resource guide presents step-by-step instructions on creating three-dimensional images on CD of school properties for use during critical incidents.
The guide presents an incident planning process for schools that relies on digital imaging of the inside and outside of school grounds to be used in response to critical incidents. Part 1 discusses the role of the police chief in the school-imaging project, which entails developing the goals and objectives of the project and recruiting school partners. Part 2 enumerates the role of the project manager, which includes the strategic plan development and project implementation duties. Part 3 describes the five basic steps of digital photography, which are: (1) check the camera; (2) check the lighting; (3) frame the shot; (4) capture the images; and (5) save the images. The use of photo logs and maps are discussed and tips are offered for capturing the best photographs outside as well as inside hallways and classrooms. A companion guide entitled Quick Reference Guide for Digital Imaging offers more detailed instructions on capturing digital images. Part 4 presents a seven step process for integrating the images and creating a data CD. Part 5 offers a brief summary of the Guide while the appendixes present case studies of tactical exercises in Fairfax County, VA and Washington State that have used digital imaging. A product reference guide is also offered. Tables, figures, glossary, appendixes

Date Published: January 1, 2005