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A Different Reality

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April 2007
2 pages
This article describes the Augmented Reality Training System for Close Quarters Combat-scenario, developed by Sandia National Laboratories to train officers in close quarters combat.

The system works by combining an actual physical environment, for example an office room with a desk and dividers, with virtual suspects called avatars. Avatars, explains Sandia, can do everything but talk, including engaging officers in gunfights. The system works by equipping an officer with special gloves, earphones, goggles, and full-body wiring. Sensory input is fed to the officer and the devices monitor the officer’s actions for later analysis. Even the goggles are capable of tracking the officer’s eye movements. The augmented reality training allows an officer to maneuver around an actual three-dimensional setting while engaging with virtual suspects. The trigger of the system’s gun is actually a mouse so that when officers’ fire their weapon, they are really clicking a mouse to tell the system how to respond. The augmented reality training system was developed by Sandia National Laboratories with funding from the Office of Health, Safety and Security’s Office of Technology. After viewing a demonstration of the project, additional resources from the Border Research and Technology Center (BRTC)-Western Operations were allocated to bring the training program to State and local law enforcement agencies in additional to Federal agencies. Plans call for two fully operational systems to be ready by October 2007. Contact information is provided.

Date Published: April 1, 2007