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Developmental Validation of the ParaDNA Intelligence System; A Novel Approach to DNA Profiling

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July 2015
9 pages
This developmental validation study followed the guidelines of the Scientific Working Group on DNA Analysis Method (SWGDAM) in testing the sensitivity, reproducibility, accuracy, inhibitor tolerance, and performance of the Para DNA Intelligence System, which analyzes 5-STRs plus amelogenin to deliver a DNA profile in approximately 75 minutes.
The testing used the ParaDNA Intelligence System on a range of mock evidence items. The data collected show that the ParaDNA System provides useful DNA profiles when sampling a variety of evidence items, including blood, saliva, semen, and touch DNA. The use of this system enables the rapid development of investigative leads and provides guidance in the prioritization of samples. The process uses an innovative sample collector that requires minimal training, which enables both DNA analysts and non-specialist personnel to analyze biological samples directly, without prior processing. The test uses direct PCR with fluorescent HyBeacon detection of STR allele lengths to provide a DNA profile. This system has the potential to benefit a number of applications in criminal justice, military operations, and disaster victim identification. Extensive figures and 24 references

Date Published: July 1, 2015