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Data Resources of the National Institute of Justice, 6th Edition

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Date Published
January 1993
319 pages
The sixth edition of the data resources publication of the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) presents research and evaluation data for projects conducted with public funds; the data are intended for use by researchers in verifying, refining, or refuting original findings and in pursuing inquiries not addressed by original investigations.
NIJ-sponsored researchers submit their data to the Data Resources Program at the conclusion of projects. Machine- readable data, codebooks, and other documentation are reviewed for accuracy, completeness, and clarity. These materials are also edited if necessary, augmented with descriptive materials, and deposited with the National Archive of Criminal Justice Data. The data resources publication describes all NIJ-sponsored data available as of October 1993. Each abstract provides information on the basic purpose and methodology of the original research, the unit of observation, the number of records, the number of variables, and geographic and temporal coverage of the research. The data cover judicial resources, prison classification procedures, prison overcrowding, prison violence, pretrial release, electronic monitoring, domestic violence, victimization, intensive probation supervision, career criminals, plea bargaining, and felony and misdemeanor prosecution and sentencing. The data also focus on corporate crime, recidivism, fines, victim assistance, drug-related crime, mentally disordered offenders, organized crime, drug abuse, arson, theft and burglary, judicial decisionmaking, determinate sentencing, gambling, female correctional officers, gangs, juvenile delinquency, shock incarceration, sentencing reform, police use of deadly force, fear of crime, court case processing, community corrections, deterrence, sex offenders, child abuse, violent crime, white collar crime, and homicide.

Date Published: January 1, 1993