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Cultural Issues Affecting Domestic Violence Service Utilization in Ethnic and Hard to Reach Populations, Final Report

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204 pages
This is the final report on a study into cultural issues affecting use of domestic violence services in ethnic and hard-to-reach populations.
The project gathered information on access to and satisfaction with domestic violence (DV) services for certain women experiencing DV in Seattle (King County), WA, and the cultural experience of DV for specific ethnic groups and the lesbian/bisexual/transsexual (LBT) community in Seattle. Data were collected through focus groups and interviews with women either currently or formerly in DV situations from eight ethnic or sexually specific communities. The study presents findings for each group in community awareness and attitude toward domestic violence; what abuse looks like; responding to abuse; survivor needs; use of services; and survivors' ideas for helping other survivors. The study presents recommendations at the systems, service and community levels, including the following: (1) Provide women with information in their own language about domestic violence resources in the U.S.; (2) Increase outreach by police to ethnic and sexual minority communities; (3) Provide multiple options for services, including emergency shelters, to DV survivors; (4) Pay more attention to the special needs of children with regard to domestic violence; (5) Provide information on victim assistance resources and explain that those services do not cost money. Notes, references, appendixes

Date Published: January 1, 2000