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CSI: El Segundo

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This bulletin describes the audio, video, and metallurgical forensics analysis being done by the National Institute of Justice's National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center-West (NLECTC-West), which is located in El Segundo, CA.
Working primarily in the areas of video and audio enhancement, NLECTC-West's assistance has led to arrests, validated Miranda rights notifications, corroborated witness testimony, and helped investigators develop new leads. NLECTC-West also conducts metallurgical forensics analysis, usually in cases of automobile accidents. NLECTC-West will soon offer a course on video forensics in addition to an audio forensics course that has been offered since 2002. The audio forensics course uses computer software designed for the music industry and specific software filters designed for law enforcement work to teach investigators the skills required to perform audio forensic analysis. The 20-hour course teaches digital signal-processing theory and skills, how to evaluate audio cases, and the hardware and software requirements for performing analysis. The course also provides an opportunity for participants to network with others in the field. One case study presented illustrates how NLECTC-West helped apprehend suspects through the enhancement of video images of the van in which they committed a sexual assault. Another case study shows how NLECTC-West's analysis of metals from vehicles involved in a fatal accident assisted in reconstructing what happened and determining who was at fault.

Date Published: January 1, 2005