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Crime Prevention -- Theory, Practice and Dilemmas: A Book of Conference Abstracts of the Second Slovene Criminological Conference

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Date Published
September 2003
51 pages
This report contains conference abstracts on crime prevention presented at the second, national criminological conference held in Slovenia.
In 2003, in cooperation with the Institute of Criminology, College of Police and Security Studies and the Slovenian Association of Criminal Law and Criminology the second Slovene Criminological Conference was held in Ljubljana, Slovenia and focused on crime prevention within the entire criminal justice system, such as juveniles, police, and corrections, and specifically on theory, practice, and dilemmas of crime prevention. This report contains more than 50 conference abstracts, under more than 10 crime prevention subject areas. These prevention focus areas included: (1) overview of crime prevention; (2) crime analysis; (3) theory of crime prevention; (4) police and crime prevention I; (5) criminal justice and crime prevention; (6) corrections and crime prevention I; (7) prevention of juvenile delinquency; (8) police and crime prevention II; (9) corruption, economic crime, and organized crime; (10) private policing, insurance, and private initiatives in crime prevention; (11) corrections and crime prevention II; and (12) non-governmental organizations in crime prevention.

Date Published: September 1, 2003