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Crime and Justice: A Review of Research, Volume 27

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Date Published
January 2000
500 pages
This volume reviews the research on selected key issues in criminology and criminal justice and public policy applications of this research.
Over the past 25 years, crime and punishment have been "fixtures" in American political life and efforts to affect crime rates through punishment policies have continued unabated. In recent years, these efforts have increasingly been augmented by other developmental, situational, and community-focused techniques. Recognizing the continuing focus on crime and criminal justice, contributions to the volume are organized as follows: (1) essays on public opinion about crime and punishment, experiences of juveniles prosecuted in adult courts, and effects of imprisonment on crime rates; (2) crime and public transport, restorative and community justice, and cost-benefit analysis of crime prevention programs; and (3) gun self-defense and deterrence, new research on crime and punishment, and cost-benefit analysis of crime prevention. References, footnotes, tables, and figures

Date Published: January 1, 2000