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COPS, Technology Research and Development for Community Policing: Arlington Police Department, Final Report

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This report describes the use of computerized briefing stations and a multifaceted computer program that provides police officers with information critical to problem-solving and beat management.
The briefing program resides on an Intranet and consists of many components, including electronic mail, briefing sheet, beat inquiry, records management system (RMS) inquiry, decision support system, and beat management. The Intranet is essentially made of three components or layers: presentation layer that appears on the desktop, middleware layer that supports communication between the presentation layer and databases, and databases that contain the information being accessed. The Intranet is accessed through personal computers using Microsoft's Windows Internet Explorer. Benefits of the Intranet have been realized in the areas of records management, linking of data systems, and the ability to support problem-solving efforts. Specifically, the Intranet solves the problem of multiple data bases that are accessed separately from the RMS with a component called the Beat Information Gateway (BIG). The BIG system can deliver virtually all useful information to the police officer with one inquiry. In addition, the Intranet serves as a web-based query tool for essentially all RMS files, is extremely flexible and allows a police officer to customize reports for beats or expand them to an entire city, and sorts information rapidly using push technology. Further, the Intranet supports problem-oriented policing with its COPSOLVE component that allows police officers to electronically report progress on their assignments.

Date Published: January 1, 2000