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Comprehensive School Safety Initiative - Awards Made in Fiscal Year 2015

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Date Published
October 2015
13 pages
This report presents brief descriptions of the Federal grant awards made in fiscal year 2015 under the Comprehensive School Safety Initiative (CSSI), which aims to produce practical, research-based knowledge that can improve the safety of students and staff in the Nation's schools.
Information is presented for each grant under four categories that address some aspect of school safety. For each grant, the report provides the program title, the grantee, the award amount, and a brief description of what the grantee intends to achieve with the grant. Eleven grants were awarded for the purpose of developing knowledge about what works to make schools safe. These grants support demonstrations and evaluations of programs, practices, policies, and strategies to improve school safety. Six grants will address the causes and consequences of school violence. These grants will support research to improve understanding of the root causes and related factors that contribute to school violence, as well as the impact and consequences of school violence. Five awards support shorter term studies on school safety, which are studies intended to provide information on school safety practices and policies within a 24-month period. Three grants were awarded for the development and evaluation of a comprehensive school safety framework. These grants support efforts to develop multidisciplinary partnerships that will use scientifically proven school safety programs and strategies in the development of a "framework" to be implemented in selected school districts. They will then be evaluated for effectiveness and cost.

Date Published: October 1, 2015