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Comprehensive Regional Information System Project Volume 2: Concept of Operations

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Date Published
January 2007
98 pages
This Concept of Operations (CONOPS) report, developed under the Comprehensive Regional Information Project (CRISP), provides an overview of best practices, recommendations, and ideas for planning, implementing, and operating a regional law enforcement information-sharing system (ISS).
The six information-sharing programs interviewed have weathered many operational and organizational issues. Officials in each program have recommendations and lessons learned for other agencies interested in implementing an ISS for sharing regional law enforcement information. Factors are presented of approaches in the following areas that contribute to the success of the ISS programs interviewed: governance, operations, system design and development, system functional capabilities, training, system promotion, and system procurement. In addition, ISS personnel interviewed also provided specific recommendations that were considered lessons learned during the course of establishing their ISS program and implementing their regional systems; items they should have done or should do related to: (1) governance; (2) procurement; (3) development; (4) system functional design; (5) patrol officer recommended system features; (6) testing of an ISS; (7) training; (8) operations; and (9) system promotion. The Comprehensive Regional Information-Sharing Project (CRISP) Concept of Operations (CONOPS) is a result of research into regional law enforcement information-sharing. This report describes the different approaches and methods found in operational systems for sharing law enforcement information regionally. The best practices included are intended to guide other law enforcement officials in their efforts to successfully implement similar systems. Figures, tables and appendixes A-D

Date Published: January 1, 2007