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Community Corrections Directions

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April 2007
2 pages
This article describes three new technologies to help probation and parole agents better manage their caseloads.
The new technologies were on display at the recent Innovative Technologies for Community Corrections Conference sponsored by the National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center-Rocky Mountain: (1) driver monitoring and surveillance; (2) sleep pattern analysis; and (3) infrared spectrometry. The technologies were developed to assist probation and parole officers in detecting and deterring problem behaviors. Each technology is described in turn. The driver monitoring and surveillance technology consists of a pair of ankle bracelets that collect data on the unique patterns of movement, which helps detect when a probationer has been driving. If there are driving restrictions as a condition of probation, the bracelets alert the probation officer of any unusual activity that might indicate an infraction. The sleep pattern analysis system is a small device that collects data about a person’s sleep patterns. These patterns may indicate substance abuse, which can be followed up on with a urine sample. The infrared spectrometry is still in development. This system uses a light source, and optical detector and spectrometers to conduct noninvasive chemical analyses of human tissue, which indicates whether the individual has consumed alcohol. Contact information is available.

Date Published: April 1, 2007