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Commonwealth of Virginia Division of Forensic Science Proposal to Improve the Capability to Analyze DNA: Final Report

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Date Published
January 1997
7 pages
The purpose of this project was to obtain the necessary equipment, supplies, and training to accelerate STR DNA analysis capabilities for typing the backlog of convicted offender samples that comprise the DNA Data Bank in the Central Laboratory of the Virginia Division of Forensic Science and for typing the backlog of casework samples in the central, northern, and western laboratories of the Division; this report summarizes grant- related activities from October 1, 1996, through September 30, 1997.
Toward that end, equipment and supplies were purchased for conducting validation work, constructing population databases, and conducting training. Validation work has been completed; protocols (analytical, training, and instrument users' manuals) have been developed and distributed; population databases for each of the three major racial groups at each of the 12 loci to be examined are being constructed; training for the DNA Data Bank analysts has been completed; convicted offender samples are being analyzed at the FFFL and PowerPlex loci; and the casework examiners are well into their training. It is anticipated that the examiners' training will be completed in March 1998. The implementation of STR fluorescence imaging analysis for convicted offender samples and the simultaneous discontinuance of RFLP analysis on these samples will contribute significantly to a reduction in the backlog of samples to be analyzed.

Date Published: January 1, 1997