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Common Operational Picture Technology in Law Enforcement: A Market Review

NCJ Number
Date Published
March 2019
67 pages
This National Institute of Justice funded report provides the law enforcement community with an overview of common operational picture (COP) technology products.
The authors state that there are no currently-known, formal studies of the frequency and use of common operational picture (COP) technology in law enforcement. This market review report is part of an overarching mixed-methods study that will include a national survey of law enforcement agencies to discern the types of COP technology used in the field and a set of case studies on the COP technology adoption process, lessons learned, and best practices for implementing and using COP technologies. This market review illustrates COP technology features and capabilities available to law enforcement agencies, though these technologies may not necessarily be in use. It is not intended to rank or evaluate the products listed, nor test or evaluate the products to assess their quality. The report's sole purpose is to provide the law enforcement community with an overview of COP products available at the time the data was collected. This document should be used as a reference only, not as a resource to make a purchasing decision. Purchasers should seek additional information from the vendors of interest before deciding to procure a specific product.

Date Published: March 1, 2019