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Codebook for Police-Community Initiatives Project (PCIP) -- Youth Supplemental Survey

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29 pages
This is the codebook for the Beaufort County, N.C., Youth Supplemental Survey, which solicited youth perceptions of government, community life, student relations, crime, and law enforcement.
The file information encompasses case number, date, interviewer's initials, and school enrollment status. For each of these variables, the codebook shows measurement level, column width, print format, write format, and missing values. For school status, nine value numbers and their labels are provided. For each perception measured by the survey, a number is assigned and information is provided on measurement level, column width, print format, write format, and missing value. When warranted, the value numbers and label names of response options are presented; for example, for the perception of "most serious crime problem in your neighborhood," the response labels are listed as drug, theft, murder, assault, robbery, vandalism, "other," gun/shooting, and "none." In addition to perceptions of the "most serious crime problem in neighborhood" and the "most serious crime problem in your county," perceptions are solicited for the "most serious crime problem in your school," followed by more pointed questions on drug use at school, alcohol at school, and weapons at school. Other perceptions pertain to fear of victimization in various specified places, willingness to report a crime witnessed at various specified places, plans to stay in the county after graduating from high school, and participation in community activities. Other questions relate to treatment by police, whether the respondent would consider being a police officer, and the perceived fairness of various criminal justice practitioners.

Date Published: January 1, 1999