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Codebook for Police-Community Initiatives Project (PCIP)

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56 pages
This is the codebook for surveys of selected North Carolina law enforcement agencies and communities regarding perceptions of and attitudes toward police-community relations.
Information is provided on coding for the variables related to the surveys. For the case ID number, information covers measurement level, column width, print format, and write format. Similar information is provided for the phone number of the respondent and the length of time of the phone call. Coding information for missing values is provided where appropriate. Similar coding information is also provided on the variables of survey type, interview type, and the Youth Survey. Characteristics of any organization represented in an interview are also included in the coding. For each question contained in a survey, the subject of the question is listed, followed by the aforementioned coding format information as well as the number values for each response option given the respondent. Some of the variables pertinent to community-resident views of the police are whether they are helpful when called, police use of force, comfort level in interaction with officers of the same and different race as the respondent, and whether police generally trust citizens. Variables pertinent to respondents' perceptions of police effectiveness focus on respondent feelings of safety in the community. Variables for surveys of police respondents focus on how police view various options for police-citizen interactions, such as shooting at a car for not stopping, asking for an ID at any time, arresting a person for not having an ID, and informing detainees of their rights.

Date Published: January 1, 1999