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Body-Worn Cameras for Criminal Justice: Market Survey Version 1.0

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Date Published
March 2014
34 pages
This market survey report aggregates and summarizes information on commercially available body-worn cameras (BWCs), in order to assist criminal justice practitioners in acquiring and deploying them for their agencies.
The use of BWCs by criminal justice practitioners (e.g., patrol, corrections, SWAT, and other tactical responders) can increase situational awareness, improve community relations and accountability, and provide visual evidence for trial. This survey provides information on 31 features of 18 commercially available BWCs. Minimal information is presented on another BWC (the HD Video-Camera Glasses by Applied Technology Partners), since the vendor did not provide a submission response to the Federal Register notice. A Web site address is provided for additional information on this camera. A summary comparison of the information for the 18 BWCs is provided in a table. 49 references

Date Published: March 1, 2014