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Autism FYI Offers Free Training, App and More to Law Enforcement

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Date Published
March 2019
2 pages
This article from the April 29 issue of TECHBeat profiles the online training provided by Autism FYI to first responders, which enables first responders to recognize and respond appropriately to persons with Autism Spectrum Disorder.
The program is called “Immediate Recognition Increases Safety.” (IRIS). Autism FYI was established by the parents of two adult sons on the autism spectrum. It developed IRIS to promote autism awareness among first responders, in addition to other services it offers. Parents or guardians of individuals on the autism spectrum can register these individuals for free through IRIS. At that time, IRIS notifies first responders in the individual’s community about the registration. Participants receive a unique ID number, an ID card, and a bracelet marked with the organization’s recognition symbol, as well as a PDF file of the symbol, so they can make copies to attach to backpacks, jackets, etc. The bracelet also uncoils into a USB that can connect to a computer and provide a direct line to the individual’s information. If linking to a computer is not feasible, officers can also call the IRIS toll-free number, which is printed on the bracelet. This enables officers to determine the individual’s emergency contact and conduct an appropriate response to assist the individual. A free app is provided for both IPhone and Android cell phones, which can be used by officers to receive tips for immediate use in determining characteristics of autism and other neurological disorders. Five key strategies are described for dealing with someone who is having “a meltdown.”
Date Published: March 1, 2019