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Anatomy of Violence: Episode 2 (LGBTQ+ Students)

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Date Published
August 2020

This second of two podcast episodes on the “Anatomy of Violence” is an Interview with Dr. Heather McCauley and L.B. Klein, who discuss the higher risk of violence faced by LGBTQ students on college and university campuses, as well as the type of services such victims need.


LGBTQ is an anacronym for individuals who identify as having a minority sexual orientation. The sexual orientations encompassed in LGBTQ include lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer. The current podcast uses the anacronym “LGBTQ+” to encompass anyone who perceives herself/himself as having a minority sexual orientation of some type. In discussing why LGBTQ individuals have a higher or distinctive risk for violent and abusive victimization, the discussion first focuses on the higher risk of experiencing abusive victimization by any person with a minority physical, belief, or behavioral characteristic. The discussion of the causes of increased risk of abusive victimization for LGBTQ+ students also addresses their increased risk for adverse coping behaviors, such as alcohol and drug use, due to their greater likelihood of having experienced abuse as children and youth because of their sexual orientation. Prevention efforts should focus on the responsible use of substances by students and respect for the safety of and intervention on behalf of the safety of all students, regardless of their characteristics.  One of the members of the podcast describes how Rutgers University has customized its services for LGBTQ+ victims of violence and abuse, based on advice provided by LGBTQ advocacy and service groups.

Date Published: August 1, 2020