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Anatomy of Violence: Episode 1 (Introduction)

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August 2020

This first of two podcast episodes on the Anatomy of Violence, sponsored by the Center on Violence Against Women and Children, focuses on the features and impact of violence on college and university campuses, as well as what Rutgers University is doing to prevent violence on its campus and provide services to victims.


Violence is broadly defined as either physical or psychological abuse that is detrimental to either or both the psychological and physical health of the victim. The opportunity for and intensification of the effects of violence on college campuses occurs because of the many occasions of social interaction in dorms, classes, campus-related social networks, and parties. Recognizing this high risk for violence in campus-related interactions, Rutgers has established a stand-alone organization responsible for the development and implementation of policies and practices to prevent violence to students and provide trauma-focused services to victims. Prevention efforts include campus-wide information on the features of both physical and psychological abuse that might occur in various campus-related contexts and the responsibility of each student to avoid violent and abusive behaviors and victimization risks, as well as to intervene when such behaviors are observed. Recognizing that violent and emotionally abusive victimization causes trauma-related physical and emotional harms, victim services are tailored to address these victimization effects.

Date Published: August 1, 2020