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25 Years of Criminal Justice Research: The National Institute of Justice

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December 1994
70 pages

These three essays describe the National Institute of Justice's (NIJ) work in research, in science and technology, and in applied research and information dissemination during the past 25 years.


The essays note that criminal justice research through NIJ has had a major impact on the operation on the criminal justice system. The findings regarding criminals and the effects of the criminal justice system on crime rates have significantly aided understanding of issues that are central to the development of crime control policy. However, many of the findings have not yet had major influences on the formulation of crime control policy. Two areas in which the NIJ role in science and technology has been prominent are the development of lightweight body armor for police and DNA fingerprinting. Finally, NIJ aids efforts to turn the findings of research and policymaking into action by offering training programs, conferences, technical support, and the operation of an information clearinghouse. Chapter reference lists

Date Published: December 1, 1994