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Tribal-Researcher Capacity Building Grants Solicitation, FY 2019

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Through this solicitation, NIJ will provide small planning grants to develop proposals for new and innovative criminal justice research projects involving federally recognized tribes (or tribally based organizations) and which represent a new tribal-researcher investigator partnership. The following research topics are of particular interest to the U.S. Department of Justice: (1) The impact of concurrent criminal jurisdiction on the administration of justice in Indian country and Alaska; (2) The effectiveness of the criminal justice response to the use and abuse of alcohol and other drugs [e.g., methamphetamine, heroin and other opioids including fentanyl, diverted pharmaceuticals, synthetic drugs, and analogues); (3) Crime prevention and intervention efforts; (4) Criminal offending; (5) Enhancing investigations and prosecutions; (6) Provision, role, and impact of forensic science services (including medico legal death investigation); (7) Murdered, missing, and trafficked women and girls; (8) Violent crime reduction; (9) Responding to and reducing victimization; (10) Strengthening tribal justice systems (e.g., evaluating tribal healing to wellness courts tribal-state collaborations, wellness court collaborations, technology-based court systems to improve court operations and outcomes, tribal-reentry programs); (11) Developing and testing tools and technologies to improve criminal justice policy and practice (e.g., unmanned aircraft systems, body-worn cameras, drug-detecting technology, location-based technology, digital devices or applications, victim technology-based services)

Date Created: March 14, 2019