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Sexual Assault Forensic Evidence - Inventory, Tracking, and Reporting

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It is not known how many unanalyzed sexual assault kits (SAKs) there are nationwide . Evidence from sexual assaults like weapons, bedding, clothing, and SAKs can be used to corroborate that a crime occurred, identify or eliminate a person suspected of perpetrating a crime, and ascertain whether a suspect may have been involved in other crimes. SAKs contain biological and trace evidence, along with other physical evidence collected from a victim. While all evidence from sexual assaults is important, this program focuses on SAKs. SAKs may be stored in a number of places such as, crime laboratories, police department evidence storage units, hospitals and clinics. Many law enforcement agencies do not have computerized systems to track the processing of a SAK. This program will allow agencies to inventory, track and report all untested and unsubmitted SAKs ensuring accountability and transparency for the collection, processing and testing of SAKs.


Number of Awards: 4
Total Amount Awarded: $3,335,612

Date Created: March 15, 2016