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Forensic Technology Center of Excellence

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NIJ seeks proposals to operate NIJ's Forensic Technology Center of Excellence (FTCOE) to support its research, development, testing, and evaluation (RDT&E) process in all areas of forensic science. The FTCOE should focus on specific efforts to include, but not limited to: 1) providing scientific and technical support to NIJ's research and development efforts; 2) facilitating demonstration, transfer, and adoption of appropriate technology into practice by crime laboratories, forensic service providers, and law enforcement, and other criminal justice agencies; 3) providing technology assistance, information, and support to law enforcement and other appropriate criminal justice agencies; 4) developing and providing access to resources for research, education, and best practices in the forensic science and criminal justice community; and 5) working closely with NIJ's Social Science staff to develop, assess, and communicate the impact of forensic science on the criminal justice system.


Number of Awards: 1
Total Amount Awarded: $4,999,804

Date Created: February 23, 2016