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NIJ FY 14 Developing Knowledge About What Works to Make Schools Safe

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NIJ seeks proposals to develop knowledge about the effects of personnel, programs, and activities on school safety in the United States. Funds are available to local education agencies (LEAs), public charter schools that are recognized as an LEA and State educational agencies (SEAs). Applicants are expected to enter into an agreement to partner with highly qualified researchers and research organizations to test whether an intervention helps us understand what works in making schools safer. One example of a permissible intervention under this solicitation would be schools hiring school resource officers or mental health service providers. Applicants and their research partners have considerable discretion in determining the kinds of research and safety initiatives to test based on the most meaningful initiatives in their particular jurisdictions. However, NIJ is particularly interested in the impact on school safety of mental health services, public safety and preparedness (such as the use of school resource officers), and school climate and culture programs.


Number of Awards: 15
Total Amount Awarded: $41,423,976

Date Created: April 15, 2014