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NIJ FY 13 Research and Evaluation on White Collar Crime

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NIJ seeks proposals for research and evaluation on a wide range of topics related to white collar crime (WCC). The following list of WCC-related topics is by no means exhaustive and is offered only as a set of examples. Much more research remains to be done in these and many other areas.Improving the research base regarding different types of white collar crimes and criminals, in particular demonstrating how certain research strategies and methodologies are particularly useful for studying the area of WCC.Enhancing knowledge of the incidence, prevalence, and characteristics of white collar crimes and criminals.Developing and validating standardized definitions, models, or measurements for various types of WCC.Developing and/or evaluating new or existing strategies for effective WCC prevention and intervention.Developing and demonstrating/evaluating programs to reduce the monetary and other social costs of WCC.


Number of Awards: 2
Total Amount Awarded: $959,940

Date Created: December 20, 2012