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NIJ FY 13 National Law Enforcement Corrections and Technology Center (NLECTC) System Small, Rural, Tribal and Border (SRTB) Regional Center

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NIJ seeks proposals to host the Small, Rural, Tribal, and Border (SRTB) Regional Center within the National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center (NLECTC) System. Small, rural, tribal and border agencies represent a particularly underserved community with unique needs. In this solicitation, NIJ seeks innovative solutions to offer a more sustainable, efficient, and effective way to provide them access to relevant technology-related information and resources as well as to identify their unique, unmet technology needs. NIJ is particularly interested in exploring potential solutions that engage academic institutions in innovative ways with agencies in this underserved community to apply research to addressing their technology-related needs. NIJ is also interested in the degree to which it is leveraging related work with small, rural, tribal and border criminal justice agencies and the degree to which the applicant is already engaged with those agencies. The SRTB is currently hosted by the Center for Rural Development, Inc., with funding provided through a cooperative agreement (2009-IJ-CX-K019) awarded by NIJ. The total period of an award, including one that receives a project period extension, ordinarily will not exceed 3 years.
Date Created: February 7, 2013