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NIJ FY 11 Research and Evaluation in Crime Control and Prevention: Police Integrity

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NIJ is seeking applications to conduct research on selected crime control and prevention topics. This is a directed solicitation that seeks proposals to examine topics relevant to State, local, and/or tribal criminal and juvenile justice policy and practice.

The specific focus area under this solicitation for FY 2011 is police integrity.


Number of Awards: 1
Total Amount Awarded: $261,480

Date Modified: February 1, 2011

This solicitation is a subtopic of the larger "Research and Evaluation in Crime Control and Prevention" solicitation. See other subtopics under which awards were made:

NIJ chose not to make awards under two additional subtopics:

  • Research on Police Strategies for Smaller Agencies.
  • Research on Police Investigations.
Date Created: January 15, 2020