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NIJ FY 09 Convicted Offender and-or Arrestee DNA Backlog Reduction Program

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NIJ is seeking applications for funding under the fiscal year 2009 Convicted Offender and/or Arrestee DNA Backlog Reduction Program. This program furthers the Department's mission by offering an opportunity for States with existing laboratories that conduct analysis of convicted offender and/or arrestee DNA samples collected by States pursuant to applicable law for databasing purposes ("DNA database samples") to reduce their backlog of such samples through in-house DNA analysis or by sending samples to accredited fee-for-service laboratories for DNA analysis. Eligible States may also apply for assistance with data review of backlogged DNA profiles awaiting Combined DNA Index System (CODIS) entry. These activities are critical to accelerating the analysis of DNA database samples collected by States in order to provide timely CODIS-compatible data for all 13 CODIS core short tandem repeat (STR) loci for State and national DNA databases.


Number of Awards: 22
Total Amount Awarded: $9,178,072

Date Created: March 2, 2009