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Awards: Listing of Funded Projects

Every year, NIJ awards grants and cooperative agreements for research, development, evaluation, testing and training and technical assistance projects across the spectrum of criminal justice.
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Number of Awards: 6
Total Amount Awarded: $3,616,929

Funded Awards
FY Sort ascending Title Original Solicitation Recipient State Award Number Amount Status
2022 What works to reduce violent gun crime in focused deterrence initiatives? Estimating the effect of services and enforcement in facilitating desistence among prolific violent offenders in Tampa NIJ FY22 Research and Evaluation on Violent Crime and Firearm Violence in the Community PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY, THE PA 15PNIJ-22-GK-01421-RESS $1,392,265 Declined
2020 Advances in Spatial Statistical Methodology for Urban Crime Graduate Research Fellowship, Fiscal Year 2020 PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY, THE PA 2020-R2-CX-0033 $60,065 Closed
2019 The Experiences of Men with Substance Use Disorders Exiting Prison at the Height of the Opioid Crisis Graduate Research Fellowship Program in the Social and Behavioral Sciences, FY 2019 PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY, THE PA 2019-R2-CX-0010 $91,097 Closed
2017 Identifying and Informing Strategies for Disrupting Drug Distribution Networks: An Application to Opiate Flows in Pennsylvania NIJ FY17 Research and Evaluation on Drugs and Crime 2017 PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY, THE PA 2017-IJ-CX-0017 $990,002 Closed
2016 High-throughput DNA Sequencing of Environmentally Insulted Latent and Partial Bloody Fingerprints After Visualization with the Nanoscale Columnar-Thin-Film Technique Research and Development in Forensic Science for Criminal Justice Purposes PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY, THE PA 2016-DN-BX-0153 $397,643 Closed
2016 Understanding Incarceration and Re-Entry Experiences of Female Inmates and their Children: The Women''s Prison Inmate Networks Study (WO-PINS) Research and Evaluation on Institutional Corrections PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY, THE PA 2016-MU-MU-0011 $685,857 Closed