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Qualifications of an Expert Witness for Legal Professionals (Part II: The Frye Standard)

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1 day

North Carolina State University (NCSU) and the Forensic Technology Center of Excellence (FTCOE) will host a two-part virtual workshop series on the Qualifications of an Expert Witness for Legal Professionals. This workshop series will discuss topics surrounding qualifications of expert witnesses in forensic disciplines under both the Daubert and the Frye standards.  

Part I of this virtual workshop series will occur on August 2, 2023, and will focus on the Daubert standard. Part II of this virtual workshop series will occur on October 25, 2023, and will focus on the Frye standard. Both parts are scheduled from 9:00 AM ET to approximately 3:00 PM ET with a lunch break between 12:00 PM ET and 1:00 PM ET.  

Each workshop will feature a series of presentations, followed by a live question and answer session with each presenter. The presentations will discuss the historical basis for both the Frye standard and Daubert standard, address issues surrounding qualifying expert witnesses, how the admission of expert testimony in the courts has been affected by these standards, and much more! During the workshops, you will hear from a diverse panel of presenters spanning the breadth of legal practitioners, including judges, trial attorneys, professors, attorney generals, and post-conviction litigators. 

This no cost, two-part virtual workshop series is open to a wide audience, including legal professionals, criminal justice practitioners, forensic scientists, and anyone interested in how admissibility standards affect expert testimony in the courts. Both parts of this virtual workshop series will be interactive and occur over Zoom, a peer-to-peer platform. Registration for each part of this virtual workshop series will be capped at 500 participants.

Date Created: June 23, 2023