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Probabilistic Genotyping of Evidentiary DNA Typing Results - Module 6: Probabilistic Genotyping in Court

Event Dates
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4 hours

Biological modeling, statistical theory, and the computer processing of probabilistic genotyping systems are based on long- standing principles, yet their usage in U.S. courts has been limited to the past few years. This module of the Probabilistic Genotyping of Evidentiary DNA Typing Results workshop series addresses topics relevant to the admissibility of probabilistic genotyping results and the presentation of results in criminal proceedings. Various decisions related to probabilistic genotyping will be summarized from a legal perspective. Three expert witnesses will review their approach to presenting DNA evidence in criminal proceedings.

John Buckleton – Institute of Environmental Science and Research, Auckland, New Zealand
Jerrilyn Conway – Federal Bureau of Investigation, Quantico, Virginia
Dawn Herkenham – Leidos, Alexandria, Virginia
Mark Perlin – Cybergenetics, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Date Created: August 8, 2019